Stump Likkr Molasses Gallon

Stump Likkr Molasses Gallon


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Deer's love molasses, crave minerals, and enjoy gnawing stumps. With each application, they really do paw, gnaw, and lick your stumps right out of the ground. STUMP LIKKER is made for stump tops and soaks into the stump, penetrating the decaying wood particles. Then when activated by morning dew or rainfall, the mineral vapors and the aroma of sweet molasses fill the air, inviting those big bucks out to devour the stump. Once found, the STUMP LIKKER site becomes a source of beneficial minerals for the deer and will aid in patterning their movements. Use approximately 1 quart of STUMP LIKKER per 12 inch diameter of stump. This high quality feed grade molasses can also be used to tempt animals to consume feed or medication. Nature's candy.

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