Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes are a tuberous root vegetable‚Äč with trailing stems that can be as long as twenty feet. Leaves can vary in size and shape, but are generally more-or-less heart shaped, and green with purple markings. If you're interested in trying out new breeds, or sticking to your old favorites, AgCare has you covered!

Here are some of the breeds of sweet potatoes we offer.

Bayou Belle

The Bayou Belle sweet potato is a firm, moist vegetable with a red/purple skin color and a deep orange flesh that was developed in Louisiana. The plant matures in 110-120 days, and is known to be an excellent Garnet variety with a superior yield.


The Covington sweet potato is a light, moist vegetable with a dark rose skin color that matures in 110-115 days. The Covington grows well in many different types of soils and produces high yields of uniform tubers.

Charleston Scarlet

The Charleston Scarlet is a relatively new South Carolina breed of sweet potato, developed in 2010 from the USDA breeding program for insect resistance. The vegetable has a vibrant scarlet skin with an orange flesh, with a moist and sweet texture. The scarlet stores well, and has a superior baking quality. It matures in 120 days with high yields, and is highly insect and nematode resistant, making it a good choice for organic farmers and gardeners.

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