1 -Create Local Economic StimulusWhen you shop at local businesses, more money is kept in your community because the owners and staff atAgCare buy from other local businesses, service providers and we support local farms. Your support of AgCare helps make our community a destination. Farmers come to AgCare from hours away to buy the specialized products we keep in stock to serve their needs. This helps to pull business into our community and often they eat a meal, refuel and purchase other products while they are here from other local businesses.

 2 -Invest in CommunityThe owners and employees of AgCare live here and most of us are from WNC. We are invested in the welfare and future of this region. We invest in Candler, Asheville and Buncombe County Schools, Churches, youth groups, individuals and each other because we understand the importance of strong community bonds. ​Together we can thrive in good times and bad.

 3 -Promotion of Family Farms and the Preservation of Our Scenic LandscapeAt AgCare we strive to help family farms remain profitable and sustainable. The beautiful mountain pastures, bottoms and fields are enjoyed by all and help make WNC a great and healthy place to live. Our scenic landscape and the farmers working these fields are worth saving!​We want to keep these farms in production and growing strong as our future depends on it. 

 4 -Personal ConnectionWhen you shop at AgCare, you have an opportunity to get to know the owner and staff and we look forward to learning more about you. Relationship building cultivates and fosters community and together we can do more for ourselves and each other. 

 5 -Support Future Growth as well as the Heritage and Unique Character of Our WNC HomeShopping locally is one of the best ways to show pride in the place you live and help protect businesses that make Candler, Asheville and WNC a place we can all be proud of. 

 6 -Encourage Local Prosperity through Local JobsInstead of Buying Online from people you will never meet buy from a local store who Cares about you, your future business and who wants to ensure that you get what you need. We are not interested in selling to a million people online one time. Our goal is to help local customers, family farms and our friends and neighbors for years to come. 

 7- Benefit from Our Expertise and the Fact that we Care and want to HelpI have been in this business type of business since 1991 and we deal with these products every day.We are glad to listen, offer advice and help in any way that we can.Thank you for choosing to do business with AgCare!
Your Buying Choices Matter! ​
Please consider these reasons to Shop & Buy Local from AgCareand Other Independently & Locally Owned Businesses.

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