We stock more metal in the way of gates, panels, feeders, waterers and hay wagons then any store I know of... and I am constantly visiting our competitors across the east coast. Come to see us, call for a quote or ask about having us have items custom made for your specific needs. ​I need to update my pictures but it is no longer possible to get all these offerings in one photograph.

Calculate the Number of Panels for Your Round Pen

1. To find the number of panels required to build a round pen the size you want, multiply the desired diameter (distance of a straight line passing through the center of the pen) by 3.14. This will determine the circumference (the distance around the outside of the round pen). 

2. Divide the circumference by the length of panels being used. This will equal the number of panels needed.

 3. The chart below will give you a general idea of the number of panels you need along with an entrance gate or arch the same length of the panels in the row you will be using.

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