Protein Tub Options 

We have 6 kinds of protein tubs to specifically meet your animals' needs. ​Ask about our sheep and goat tubs and blocks in addition to these listed below. 

24% Protein with Added Fat and Mag 200# 
This is our most used tub to be fed to the whole herd. Offer one block per 20 head to allow timid and smaller animals to get their share. Feed Blocks continually with forage and clean fresh water. Animals more frequently consume blocks than free choice minerals providing constant minerals and protein for optimal ADG and health. 

20% Protein 5% Fat Equine Safe All Natural 
This tub is perfect for equine or those who have a horse in the same pasture as cattle. Safe for horses and all classes of beef and dairy, this block provides supplemental nutrients in a convenient 200 lb. package. 

 Fly Control Tub 200# 
This tub contains everything that our 24% Protein tub does with an IGR for fly control. This product comes in a red tub for quick identification. The insect growth regulator is consumed by the animal and passes through to manure stopping the life cylce of the fly as eggs do not hatch.

 Dry Cow Tub 20% 200# 
This tub is formulated for dairy and beef cows to prepare them for lactation. Use this product during the dry period and early lactation to help get your cow ready so she can give your calf a healthy productive start.

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