We welcome all the commercial organic farmers, back yard growers, conscientious parents, self-proclaimed hippies and anyone who wants to grow the tastiest and healthiest food for their customers, themselves, their friends and family. We have learned a lot from our commercial growers, vendors we do business with and cooperative extension over the years and are still interested in learning more and sharing what is working for others. Here are just a few of the optionsĀ 

We currently recommend:

Dry & Liquid Fertilizer from True, Espoma, Nature Safe, Mountain Gate Organics, and straight ingredients.

Potting Soil, Grower Mixes, Compost, Worm Castings and Soil Conditioners.

Untreated and Organic Cover Crop and Vegetable Seed from numerous suppliers.

A growing amount of the feed we sell is organic and non GMO from suppliers like New Country Organics, Kalmbach Feeds and King Family Farms.

We also offer growers drip irrigation supplies, floating row covers, plastic mulch, harvesting containers, layer machines, stakes, twine and greenhouse supplies.

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