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Clover Yellow Blossom Sweet


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Yellow Sweet Clover is a favorite of honey bees and beekeepers alike. Used to improve honey production, the bright, yellow flowers are attractive to bees and the nectar they collect results in a flavorful honey. Yellow sweet clover can also be utilized as forage, especially in pasture mixtures once animals become accustomed to the bitter taste. It is a biennial legume which means the plant is primarily vegetative during its seeding year and flowers during its second year of growth? developing flowering stalks up to 6 feet high. The deep taproot of the mature plant can break through hard pan soil layers and greatly improve soil tilth. Plant at a rate of 3-8 lbs./A in mixtures or 6-15 lbs./A in pure stands. Also available in smaller package sizes. Call for pricing on other sizes.

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Size: 50

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