AS 6402 BMR Treated Sorghum Sud

AS 6402 BMR Treated Sorghum Sud


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A dwarf ssx Sudan Sorghum. Excellent grazing tolerance and a high leaf to stem ratio. 25-50#/A planting rate. AS6402 represents the newest generation of hybrid sorghum-sudangrass products. AS6402 has reduced internode length, creating a very compact, leafy and prolific plant. However, it will yield with taller sorghum-sudangrass hybrids due to the standability and tillering attributes of the Brachytic dwarf trait. Producers will have the best of both worlds, excellent forage qualities from BMR-6 and a dependable high-yielding feedstock. Not for horses. Seasonal item available for preorder but we do not keep annuals here year around.

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Size: 50 lbs

Product Number: #5726

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