ZP Tracking Powder 500g Rodenticide

ZP Tracking Powder 500g Rodenticide


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This is a restricted-use pesticide requiring the buyer to have a license for purchase. Please do not purchase if you do not have a license. E-mail us a copy of your license for shipment. Z-P TRACKING POWDER is an acute, single-dose rodenticide containing Zinc Phosphide, that is used to control house mice. Zinc Phosphide 10%. When the mouse ingests it, ZP TRACKING POWDER liberates toxic phosphine gas on contact with dilute acids in the rodent's stomach, killing the mouse in a matter of hours. Zinc Phosphide is not stored in the muscle or other tissues of poisoned animals, so there is no true secondary poisoning. ZP TRACKING POWDER is a stable formulation with a shelf life of approximately three years. Tracking powder contains a toxicant mixed with special carriers that adhere to the rodent's fur and paws. It is ingested when the rodent grooms. Tracking powder is insoluble in water which prolongs the effects of the powder, making it ideal for tough jobs.

Quantity on Hand: 6

Size: 500g

Product Number: #12706

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